Water Ressource Management System

Between the 18th and 22nd of November 2014 ribekas newly developed system for managing irrigation water ressources and water rights (GW-IRIS) was installed at ACER (Asociatión de Canalistas del Embalse Recoletta, Ovalle).

GW-Iris- Irrigation Water Management

GW-IRIS (Irrigation Water Information and Management System) is a newly developed system for an effective management of water resources. It is the linkage between the comprehensive river basin management in GW-Base and water resource allocation and management system. In the project area, the system is used by the dam management association ACER for monitoring and distributing water deriving out of the Recoleta dam. The distributed water is mainly used for agricultural purposes (respectively for irrigation purposes) .ACER also manages the water rights of the associated farmers (Regantes) and takes care of the water distribution via a network of irrigation channels.

GW-IRIS can be divided into three main applications :

  • GW-Iris Desktop - The desktop application for Windows Operating Systems:
    This application includes the main database and the central management interface for all office employees. Additionally the water rights of all Regantes (respectively the associated water rights accounts) as well as the water orders and deliveries are managed .
  • GW-IRIS Smartphone - app for Android smartphones
    Manages water orders and delivery processes of irrigation water.
  • GW-IRIS Web - Web application and server
    Provides an additional way to order irrigation water deliverys via a web interface. The GW- IRIS web server additionally manages the communication between the smartphone apps and the desktop application.

GW-Iris | Order and Delivery Scheme

Data Scheme GW-IRIS sNow, with the help of these three GW-IRIS Applications, available water resources can be monitored in a detailed and in a timely manner. Orders of irrigation water and corresponding water quantities can now be monitored, processed and managed in real-time.

On the left side you will find a simplified application scheme which sketches the linkage and communication between GW-Base and GW-IRIS as well parts of the data flow and handling.


Other Products

A climate station in high elevation (3,500 meter above sea level) with snow scale is installed to get more detailed information on snow hydrology and climate variability in the upper part of the catchment. The data is transmitted via Iridium satellite, allowing a remote and daily data access. Additionally, discharge measuring stations are installed in irrigation canals to monitor water availability and water extraction.The hydrological model WIMMED is applied in two high-elevation sub-catchments to improve the understanding on climate-hydrological interaction, groundwater contribution and snow melt processes. Furthermore, workshops with the water users, private sector companies and researchers in the region are hold to discuss the research and technological demand.  Training courses are carried out with all partners of the consortium and the project network in the field of monitoring, measuring, information management and modeling of water resources.


One of the central products of the WEIN project is SEBA-ribeka system - a comprehensive water resource information, monitoring and management system. It provides intelligent and sophisticated methods for quantification and monitoring of water resources and uses, nevertheless it offers a user-friendly and convenient display of all assessed information resulting in a comprehensive integrated information system for water resources management.  The system contains sensors for measuring water level, water velocity and discharge data. Furthermore, it is equipped with a transmission system (GSM/GPRS) which enables a remote and fast data access. An integrated and modular software system manages and evaluates this data. The developed system enables irrigators to monitor and to control the water abstraction from rivers and channels for irrigation purposes.


The headquarter/ gate controller will receive discharge information from the measurement device in real-time and can collate these with the intended quota. If the measured discharge rater differs from this quota, the gate controller can directly adjust the gate opening in order to readapt it. Since this system is internet-capable it enables the user to monitor the current system status in real-time. The monitoring of data via internet saves time and reduces operational costs. Moreover, telemetric data transfer from the measurement device to the SEBA-ribeka server is possible at every location with adequate cellular or satellite coverage. Predefined alarms messages can be sent via SMS or email in case discharge rates or water quality values are exceeding user-defined threshold values. For the data management and evaluation the software system comprises as main modules, a centralized comprehensive database, a PC-based data management, analysis and evaluation application, a web based information platform and a specialized smartphone applications for different tasks and fields of application. The PC application is based on the Water Monitoring and Management System GW-Base. This professional and efficient system offers comprehensive and user-friendly possibilities to manage and evaluate all accumulated data like environmental data, climate data as well as ground and surface water data. Further feature is the capability to additionally manage and evaluate irrigation (and land use) data, water rights information and water rights account balances. Reports are easily available for specific target groups. All information is presented on selectable map backgrounds and features, next to raw data display, the display of photos and images, statistics, graphical evaluations, and reports.

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