Universidad de La Serena

partner uni chile thmbThe Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University de La Serena (founded in 1981) accompanies the development of the agricultural irrigation in the Limarí region in cooperation with public and private actors since many years. The focal point in research, education and training is connected closely to the region’s main topics like agricultural irrigation, hydrology and the natural resource management in arid and semi-arid regions. Since 2008, the ULS cooperates with ITT in the area of education and research by the continuous exchange of students, staff members and professors.


Dr. Pablo Alvarez 
is an Agronomist (1993) from the University of Chile. He received his Ph.D. (2005) from the Université d'Orléans in France. He was Director of the Department of Agronomy at the University of La Serena (1998-2001) and Director of CEAZA (2006-2008). His field experience includes irrigation, agricultural hydrology and water management under restrictive conditions.


Héctor Fabián Reyes Serrano  
is an Agronomist (University of Chile) and is Doctor of Geography and Legislation (University of Orléans, France). Since 1998 he is an academic and researcher at the Department of Agronomy at the University of La Serena. He was Director of the Department of Agronomy at the University of La Serena between 2001 and 2004. Since 2009 he is Director of the School of Agronomy at the same university. His field experience includes development of arid and rural zones and special focus on rural property and land use.


Christopher Vivanco Castillo 
Graduated in Agricultural Engineering (2012) from the University of La Serena (UlS).  Actually is developing their Thesis to reach the Agronomist degree. He is participating in the Hydric Project of technologic transfer in the Asociación de Canalistas Del Embalse Recoleta (ACER). His experience includes: Process Traceability (Viña Francisco de Aguirre), Editorial committee of electronic Magazine in Agricultural extension “Agua Tierra”, research assistant in the Integrated Watershed Management (Trilateral Project between: ITT - Germany, ULS and PUCV – Chile), User Organization of the Limarí catchment (JVRGLA - ACCC - ACER).