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Due to increasing environmental awareness and the respective pollution control, the measuring tasks increase. For effective and protective actions, detail knowledge and sufficient, reliable data material, coupled with individual information of the existing problems are a necessary basis for correct decisions.
SEBA HYDROMETRIE GMBH&Co.KG belongs to the leading manufacturers of environmental measuring technique. Founded in 1967, Seba offers measuring instruments and complete measuring network proposals. Highly developed sensors and the robust, reliable data loggers correspond to the latest technology and ensure safe data for demand-orientated planning and steering purposes. Seba measuring systems are suitable for surface water, ground water monitoring, irrigation monitoring, control of flows, online data transmission, digital processing of measured values and meteorology.
Seba was active for customers like UNDP, FAO, UNICEF, WMO, EC, WORLD BANK etc.. Seba is currently involved next to “WEIN” in a huge irrigation project in ADANA, Turkey. 25 engineers and 53 technicians support their customers worldwide.
Besides Seba’s standard equipment for hydrometric, flow and meteorological purposes – which prove their efficiency for decades now – they had expanded their production range to measuring instruments for water quality within the last years.
Indeed, this field of application becomes more and more important and they share the view that requirements of environmental technologies and care were met. A further section of Seba’s activities is the data transmission systems, operated by radio, satellite or telephone modem.


Wolfgang Zasche
Wolfgang Zasche is an economical engineer and he is the managing director at SEBA. He is responsible for the installation of hydrological and meteorological systems worldwide. He works out integrated measuring networks. He holds a diploma in Economical Engineering.


Rudolf Duester
Rudolf Duester is an Industrial Manager and works since 1987 at SEBA. He is in charge of the implementation and training for discharge measurement equipment. Rudolf Duester holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management.