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ribeka offers customer oriented solutions and services for the water and environmental sector. The company was founded in 1998 and was awarded one year later with the German Founder Awards for innovative developments in the ground water sector. ribeka’s solutions are used worldwide and are among the most efficient and comprehensive water management systems available. They facilitate the spatial and time dependent analysis of the dynamic water development, even with huge amounts of data.
ribeka’s product scope ranges from GIS and database solutions (GW-Base), online solutions for ground water, surface water and environmental monitoring to hydrogeological expertises, smartphone and mobile applications, early warning systems, numeric models, set into service and support of software and hardware as well as corresponding training courses. The last years ribeka focused on comprehensive river basin scale systems, with a special attention on the enhancement of water use efficiency, water resource management and disaster risk warning (e.g. floods and droughts). The staff of ribeka consists of a multidisciplinary team of hydrogeologists, geologists, geophysicists, technicians, GIS developers and IT experts. ribeka has partnerships in China, India and the Middle East for product distribution. ribeka was already involved in monitoring projects for ground and surface monitoring in China, India, Vietnam, South America and in the Middle East.

erich berger

Erich Berger
is Hydrogeologist, Certified Consulting Geologist by BDG. Managing Director of ribeka. He is specialized in designing and implementing water and environmental monitoring systems, water protection plans and methods as well as ground and mineral water water exploration methods. Next to the responsibility for project development and management he is responsible for ribeka’s international business.

jürgen richter

Dr. Jürgen Richter
is PhD. Geophysicist, Director of Software development for the scientific environmental and water sector. He is specialized in designing and developing GIS-Systems, data base systems, mobile computing and web solutions.

david balmert

David Balmert
is Hydrogeologist. Specialized in design and implementation of ground water, surface water as well as environmental monitoring and protection systems. Next to the application of software solutions and end user training, he is currently managing the design, development and implementation of specialized web- and smartphone applications.