overview of the year 2014 and 2015


Symposium and professional training on "Understanding the role of Andean hydrology for water management: tools and concepts" 

Date: 17-20 November 2015
Location: Santiago, Chile
Description: The symposium and professional training on "Understanding the role of Andean hydrology for water management: tools and concepts" was held from 17th-20th November 2015 in Santiago, Chile. The need for practical training related to water resources in Andean countries grows constantly, because society and governments as well are getting more aware of the emerging water related problems in their countries. Hence, the overall goal of the symposium and training was to understand key aspects about the vulnerable Andean hydrology and its key role for the regional environment and water availability predictions. For more information please click here  


DSC 0289capacitaacion celadoresRecoleta

International Expert Symposium and Conference "Coping with Droughts" 

Date: 19-21 November 2014
Location: Santiago, Chile
Description: The symposium aimed at building a Community of Practice on Drought Management Tools. The overall objectives of the expert meeting were: exchange on the state of art and knowledge gaps on drought information systems, evaluation of the value of information and the effectiveness of existing information strategies, derive demand for innovation and develop integrated approaches towards effective DRM considering the regional characteristics. The training had the additional objective of introducing tools for DRM and applying selected tools hands on training. For more information please click here   



WEIN meeting with the partners and water user associations

Date: 20-22 May 2014
Location: Ovalle, Chile
Description: The workshop with the water user association took place from 20-22nd of May in Ovalle. Information was provided to the water associations.  


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WEIN project workshop in Germany

Date: 21 January 2014
Location: Bornheim, Germany
Description: WEIN project meeting at ribeka's headquarters in Bornheim.
German and Chilean project partners presented the current project status of their work-packages. The newly developed Irrigation Water Management Software GW-IRIS was presented to the project partners.
Additionaly, the schedule/agenda for the upcoming workshop in Chile was drafted and post-project targets were addressed.



Project Meeting Workshop BMBF

Date: 20-23 January 2014
Location: Cologne, Germany
Description: The Project Meeting Workshop BMBF - CONYCIT project took place at the University of Applied Science in Cologne. Discussions about Drought Indices were the focal points. Participators were: ULS, PUCV, ITT, CEAZA and FSU Jena.




Research workshop

Date: 5 December 2013
Location: Chile
Description: A research workshop at ULS, Ovalle took place on 5th of December. The workshop aimed the cientific exchange of all partners and stakeholders.



Research workshop

Date: 30/11 - 4/12/2013
Location: Chile
Description: From 30th november to 4th december data on the field was collected. The field work took place in the Limarí Cordillera.


Acitvities November

Conference meeting

Date: 25-28 November 2013
Location: Vina del Mar, Chile
Description: An international conference on Food, Water and Energy security Nexus, CNRD was held in Vina del Mar. A session on drought management on 27th of November with ITT, PUCV, CEAZA, ULS was part of the meeting. 



Capacity Building for Junta de Vigilancia del Río Elquí and tributaries

Date: 21 November 2013
Location: Chile
Description: The meeting focused on the promotion of the WEIN project for other associations like the Junta de Vigilancia del Río Elquí and its tributaries. The partners SEBA and ribeka have presented the technical part of the WEIN project. All technical installations were showed at a field trip. 



Installation and calibration of the assessment stations at Palquí and Recoleta

Date: 18-23 November 2013
Location: Chile
Description: The meeting focused on the installation and training of the ribeka-software, including a Beta version of the newly developed Irrigation Management Software GW-IRIS as well as the River Basin Information and Management System GW-Base in Recoleta and Palquí irrigation management schemes.



 Meeting of the Web based  Consortium

 Date: 9 October 2013
 Location: Cologne, Germany
 Description: The Webbased  Consortium of the WEIN project  had a meeting on 9th October in Cologne. The  conference focused on the  development of the Drought Management in the Limarí River Basin.



Project Meeting and installation  of SEBA discharge stations in Chile 

 Date: May 2013 
 Location: Chile 
 Description: During the project meeting in  Chile discharge measuring stations in main  streams and irrigation canals were installed.  A field research campaign was carried out in  the Cordilla, Tascadero and Rio Grande  subcatchments.




5aWEIN Stakeholder Workshop

Date: 26-28 November 2012
Location: La Serena, Chile
Description: The Workshop took place in November to promote the planning for water management in the Limarí River Basin. Furthermore, a high elevation of SEBA climate station was installed.


announcement 1 workshop

Kickoff Workshop

Date: October 2012
Location: Cologne, Germany 
Description: In order to present the plans and structure for the Limarí project, the consortium of the WEIN project organized a Kickoff Workshop.