About the Project

Research Concept

The German-Chilean consortium in the scope of the WEIN project develops an innovative integrated concept including assessment, monitoring and information management for the improvement of water use efficiency and transparency. It considers both the river basin and the irrigation scheme level.
The following figure illustrates the concept combining a holistic assessment of the catchment (knowledge), monitoring technologies of climate and discharge with a comprehensive information management tool. While discharge generation and water uses are assessed on basin level, irrigation scale water extraction data are collected via smartphones and gathered and evaluated in the potent Ribeka data base.

research concept small

Based on historical and monitored data as well as geochemical and isotope tracer analyses, different hydrological models will be applied to predict future water availability. The climate and discharge monitoring network is optimized. The collected, monitored and modeled data are gathered in a comprehensive information management system to provide and visualize the information to the water users and stakeholders. In order to establish a drought monitoring and alert system, drought indicators will be defined and aggregated to indices.

PROJECT structure

The project is divided in five work packages, the first work package addresses project coordination, stakeholder involvement and networking shared by ribeka, ITT and CEAZA. Within the second work package, the Limarí River basin is assessed, hydrometeorological data, geodata, water uses and socioeconomic information are collected and evaluated carried out by ITT and CEAZA. Within the third work package the information system for the Limarí River basin, the Recoleta and the Palqui irrigation scheme is implemented by ribeka. The system will be developed according to the the local needs and connected to existing climate and discharge stations. The fourth work package deals with the development and installation of site appropiate high performance SEBA climate and discharge monitoring stations to measure hydrological and climate data. The fifth work package addresses the development of the monitoring and information system and the technical implementation which will be carried out by ribeka and SEBA.